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Various industrial applications of polymers

The attractive high performance granted by polymers is what is inspiring most manufacturers of aerospace, electronics, automotive, as well as energy industries to seek help from specialty polymers company. This helps them to benefit from these materials as an alternative to the conventional metal that has been employed for centuries. The significant weight reduction of around 80%, their greater design freedom, easier installation and mechanical properties that are higher upto 5 times result into improved performances and are the driving forces behind the decision as well. This article focuses on some of the application areas where metals are commonly being replaced by the polymers.

specialty polymers company


In the aerospace industry, an s&e specialty polymers company is sought after because of the need to create aircrafts that are more fuel efficient as well as ones that are environmentally friendly. Aerospace manufacturers have found that polymers have faster assembly times. Not only that, they offer greater reliability and lower the operational costs of aircrafts along with the manufacturing costs. In fact, it is said that more than 15000 aircrafts today are making use of polymers in their manufacture from specialty polymers company’s help.

Automotive realm

Polymers for automotive applications are popular in seat belts, airbags, child car seats and even the exterior designs. The automotive industry also reaps heavily from the greater fuel efficiency through reduction in weight. Also application of polymers in the automotive industry has resulted to improved durability as well as driving comfort to the drivers owing to the reduced vibrations and noise. Besides this, valve cones that are based on polymers can deliver upto 80% in cost savings when it’s up against other materials such as stainless steel, which is as a result of their simpler fabrication process and their resistance to corrosion properties.


In the electronic industry, polymers deliver cutting-edge products that are lighter, smarter and thinner. These materials are versatile, reliable and have a great design freedom to be manipulated, which makes them highly effective in electronics. Also there are instances where metal is combined with polymers so that greater performance and value can be realized.

Some of the areas where polymers are used in the electronics include switches, mobile device enclosures, and circuit boards, in batteries, etc. In mobile phones, for example, a specialty polymers company will avail polymers that enable achievement of high-tech, premium look and also to achieve structural integrity that is able to handle abuse in the design as well as in the hands of the consumer. In refrigerators when polymers are used instead of metals in the compressor valves, there is less noise and more energy efficiency. What’s even better is industry leaders can specify the polymer applications they want and where to be applied so that specific engineering challenges can be addressed.

Polymer solutions are being applied across the board in various industries today. This is because of the cost benefits, light weight and energy efficiency. Custom polymers for automotive applications, aerospace, electronics, and automotive industry are continuously being sought after. They are the game changers currently for high performance and offer great design platforms.