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How to choose the best earthwork company for perfect drilling

The earth contains places, which are rocky underground according to the Geological report that was released in 2015 by the Melbourne geological department. At such places, vertical drilling is impossible and the only way is to drill directionally to where the target utility is. Directional Drilling is the practice of drilling non vertical wells on land to obtain the required commodity. Normally, this drilling is aimed at intersecting with a vertical well to channel water or any other underground product to the required place.

Directional Drilling

Coal-bed methane was extracted using this directional drilling in the 90s and nowadays, this type of drilling is used as the option in the making of boreholes and wells in places there are obstacles underground.

Types of directional drilling

There are three types of this type of drilling.

The first one is oilfield directional drilling which is aimed at harvesting underground oil that is contained in places where there are a lot of obstacles like rocks.

The second one is directional boring, which involves making of boreholes non-vertically using directional drilling machines.

Surface in seam is another type of directional drilling, which is popularly used in extraction of coal-bed methane.

Trenching and non-destructive earth works

Trenching involves digging narrow channels for the purposes of laying pipes, inserting electric poles and installation of irrigation pipes among other things. Depending on the type of digging required, a chain, wheel or micro-trencher can be used to ensure that perfect channels are created.

Tasks under chain trenching Melbourne professionals undertake

It can be used for the approval of telecommunications in a place, power, irrigation, pit and pipe projects so that every project is approved after being considered safe. If combustible gases are to be installed, it is the trencher that digs channels of up to 1.8 meters deep to avoid the gas from leaking.

Removal of blocked sewer lines and placing new ones is also among the things that chain trenchers can do. Road and rail works, including road crossings, rail signaling tasks can be done quickly and safely using a trencher. Chain trenchers have also been instrumental in civil works where land is re-shaped to become as needed. In the installation of pipelines to transport liquids, Melbourne Chain Trenching is what is needed to ensure to cut through stony surfaces when building roads. Chain trenching is accurate and precise and when combined with hydro excavation, the land cannot be damaged further than expected because they use non-mechanical means to dig the channels.

How to choose the best civil works company

Every earthwork needs a special kind of a machine to avoid doing unpleasing work and destructing the land. Very few civil companies have the perfect collection of machinery, and some may use the wrong machines to do the wrong work. This is why the Melbourne government assesses the resources of every earthwork company before they license the company to avoid any form of environmental pollution and land damage.

A company should have educated staff who knows how to analyze the extent of every earthwork to ensure that no land damage occurs. No project can be initiated without analyzing the strength of the land in that region to avoid risking the life of other things by doing wrong earthworks. Find out more at