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How does a diaphragm pump work to deliver a matchless performance

The invention and subsequent production of air driven diaphragm pumps are considered one of the greatest technical achievements. It was invented  by Jacob Edson in 1857 who established the pump manufacturing company by his name. These pumps are widely used in several kinds of industries to move fluids easily. From food and beverage to petrochemical industry, these pumps are the most versatile and top choice. Their advanced design is perfect for transferring highly viscous and abrasive products.

diaphragm pumps

Each pump type is unique with its own design, specifications, purposes and standard of purposes. And it is essential for you to be aware of the accurate ways to measure the performance of the pumps.

Working process of the air driven pumps

The diaphragm pumps include a variety of the positive displacement pumps which use compressed air as a source of power. This compressed air is moved from one chamber to another with the help of a linked shaft which allows simultaneous movement of all chambers. The back-and-forth movement pushes the liquid out of a chamber into the linked piping and at the same time other chambers are being filled with liquid for the same steps to be followed.

Pumping out the fluid

The diaphragm pumps in South Australia utilize check valves and reciprocating elastomeric type of diaphragms to pump out the fluid. The liquid-filled chambers are emptied by the fluid that is sucked through a single inlet and is then discharged through a common outlet. It is natural to use flaps or ball check valves, depending on the requirements of the solids passing within the application. These valves work with the help of pressure differences in the liquid.

Specialty of air driven pumps

Air driven diaphragm pumps have a competence in suction and lift functions, and therefore, these pumps can handle slurries or sledges with a comparatively large amount of solid or grit content. The South Australia diaphragm pumps are equally proficient in handling highly viscous liquids. But it is imperative to mark here that there is normally some discharge flow pulsation in all kinds of air operated pumps. However, these pulsating flows can be reduced to a great extent with the help of pulsation dampeners placed in discharge piping.

Measuring the performance of air operated pumps

You should be able to mark three readings of your air driven cheap diaphragm pumps in South Australia to accurately measure their performance. The air pressure present at the air inlet, the required pressure of discharge and the required flow rate should be plotted on a graph to create a visual graph showing the performance of your pump. With this curve that depicts performance you would be able to evaluate if your pump is operating properly or if there is any problem that requires to be addressed.

An air operated pump that performs accurately and functions appropriately to the best of its abilities will definitely help you to carry out your work effortlessly. High performance, air operated pumps are seamlessly designed to proffer a high rate of flow, and these features help in increasing the overall output of the pump.